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What is this Metaverse Stuff?
Why should I care?

The metaverse is stated to be the next iteration of the internet. Citi, for example, has stated that the Metaverse Economy could be worth 13 Trillion by 2030! Some of the largest companies in the world have already started investing billions of dollars into the Metaverse including Meta (formerly Facebook) who changed thier name to Meta along with Google/Alphabet, Microsoft, NVIDIA,  Autodesk, Qualcomm and Tencent to name a few of the many companies entering the space. Even countries around the world are taking big steps such as South Korea, China and even Dubai!

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So what? What am I missing out on?

According to PEW Research, in 1994 the first websites launched and Pizza Hut was amongst the first to allow you to order online. In 1995 Amazon.com opened as did Match.com and eBay. In 1996 Hotmail launches and the first viral baby video comes out. In 1997 GoDaddy launches and Google.com registers as a domain name. Suffice it to say, those who got in early in the Internet are the names and brands you recognize today as amongst the top in their industries from Auctions to Dating to even purchasing things online with Amazon being valued at over 1 TRILLION DOLLARS!

If JPMorgan’s involvement in Metaverse investments or Morgan Stanley’s, Goldman Sach’s and Grayscale predictions that this virtual world will generate trillion-dollar revenues shortly is still not a clear indication of how exciting this market is, then the fact that Microsoft, Facebook, Google, Nvidia, Unity Software and Qualcomm have all purchased Metaverse land should be. (https://www.ceotodaymagazine.com/2022/03/is-it-worth-investing-in-the-metaverse/)

Are You Ready For The Metaverse?

Do you want to be the person explaining the metaverse to your community seen as the leader in the metaverse and local metaverse expert?

What did it cost the companies who were last to get into the internet and were the last to get a website or online presence?


Features and Functionalities

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Let us be your guide to all things metaverse!

Our mission is to make sure we help you enter the metaverse by bringing easy to use technologies to help you achieve success in the metaverse saving you time and money. We know it’s not easy to create a Metaverse experience. From trying to determine which engine to use to learning about video games to trying to wrap your head around terms like VR, XR, MR, Digital Twins, it’s very easy to get confused and overwhelmed with it all.

Let US do the heavy lifting so that YOU can focus on making great Metaverse Galaxy Experiences!



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